Faculty pictures doing research.
Faculty Research 2010
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    Co-authored: Adilson Borges
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    Co-authors: Martin S. Levy and Saeed Golnabi
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    Co-authors: Bin Li, and Leqin Wu
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  • Francis, John and Yuqing Zheng, “Trade, Geography and the Skill Premium in U.S.
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  • Francis, John and Yuqing Zheng, “Trade, Geography and Industry Growth in U.S. Manufacturing,” (2012)  Southern Economic Journal 78:  1222-41.
  • Fuller, Bryan, 2012. Bridge building within the province of proactivity. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 33(8), 1053-1070.
    Co-authored: Laura Marler and Kim Hester
  • Fuller, C.M.,"The Impact of Ability and Participation on Trustworthiness and Task Performance in Virtual Teams,” International Journal of Social and Organizational Dynamics in Information Technology, Volume 2,2, 2012,1-17.
    Co-authors: D.P. Twitchell, K. Marett, and A. J. Burns.
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    Co-authors: D.P. Twitchell and K. Marett.
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    Co-authors: Kenneth W. Green, Jr., and Dwayne Whitten
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    Co-authors: Yinghua Huang, Maxwell K. Hsu, and Hailin Qu
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    Co-authors:  A. Bari, and Q. Lian

    Mesak, Hani I., (2012), “A Note on Modeling Service Capacity Allocation in Heterogeneous Market, Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute, San Francisco, November, 4101-4108.
    Co-authors:  H. Zhang, and J. Ma
  • Moulard, Julie Guidry, (2012), “Unravelling Consumer Suspense: The Role of Hope, Fear, and Probability Fluctuations,” Journal of Business Research, 65 (3), 340-346.
    Co-authors: Michael Kroff, and Judith Anne Garretson Folse
  • Moulard,Julie Guidry (2012), “Psychological Ownership: A Social Marketing Message Appeal? Not for Women,” International Journal of Advertising, 31 (2), 291-315.
    Co-authors: Judith Anne Garretson Folse and Randle D. Raggio