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    You've heard it said so many times: Practice makes perfect. And making an excellent first impression is essential for a strong interview. Before heading into your next interview, spend some time using our newest technology and premier tool in interview preparation, InterviewStream! With InterviewStream, all you need is a computer, a webcam, microphone ability and the Internet, and you can practice interview questions in the privacy of your own home, apartment or dorm. InterviewStream allows you to either choose a set of standardized interview questions or to customize your interview by choosing from a list of 4,000 varied questions applicable for your level of experience or field.

    Features and benefits of using InterviewStream include:

    • Career Development: Unlimited practice interviews will sharpen your skills and increase your chances for getting the job or internship.
    • Convenience: You can practice online, any time of the day or night, from the comfort of your own room.
    • Interview Questions Specific to your Field: You have the option of conducting an interview with questions that are specific to your future career field. InterviewStream organizes practice interview questions by industry. This allows you to create your own practice interview related to Business, Education, Technology, Sciences, Health Care, Communications, Art, Non-Profit, Social Services, Military, Recreation, and more.
    • Expert Advice: InterviewStream also offers videos where recruiters provide advice and strategies for answering difficult interview questions and making the best impression in the interview, overall.
    • Getting Feedback: After you conduct a practice interview on InterviewStream you’ll have a video of the entire interview that you can access later. You can send anyone (professors, family members, friends, mentors) the link to this video and ask for their feedback on your responses and non-verbal communication. You also have the option of reviewing the final video yourself and revisiting any of your responses to improve your performance.
    To learn more about InterviewStream and preview how the system works, check out the InterviewStream intro video.


    • Navigate to

    • Click “Register” in the upper right hand corner of the page to set up your account.

    • Select a location, then enter your name and Tech email address, and create a password. Click “Register” to create your free account.

    View the InterView Stream Student User Guide here.

    If you are having trouble accessing InterviewStream, go to:

    To learn more about the services provided, please contact:

    Jessica George
    Director of Student Services and Placement
    COBB 102A