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    The College of Business now offers students the opportunity to earn Digital Badges. Digital Badges showcase a student's skills, experiential learning experiences, and achievements through social networking sites. Badges can be displayed in multiple social networks, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.


    Leadership Badge Leadership: Serve in an executive leadership position in a College of Business student organization for a minimum of one full quarter.
    Global Engagement Badge Global Engagement: Study abroad or complete an international experience through a College of Business approved program.
    Internship Badge Internship: Complete a College of Business approved internship.
    Professional Development Badge Professional Development: Participate in at least 10 professional development events hosted by the College of Business Career Planning and Placement Office.
    Innovation and Entrepreneurship Badge Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Participate in the Top Dawg New Venture Championship.

    To learn more about the services provided, please contact:

    Jessica George
    Director of Student Services and Placement
    COBB 102A