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Department of Marketing and Analysis
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Marketing touches practically every aspect of our lives. Every app on one's phone is part of some marketing effort. All the actions performed with those apps, along with all the Tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts, and Google searches can leave behind data traces that shape firms' marketing efforts and allows them to better match individual consumers' specific desires. Marketing is extremely dynamic and the tools of the marketing professional are ever-changing. Today many of the tools are digital and involve terms and practices unknown to Don Draper and the 1960s Mad Men! But, basic fundamentals underlie marketing success. Those fundamentals are captured in that the core of marketing is value creation through superior service. Service is the application of resources toward another's benefit. Marketing is a professional discipline that aims to create value for buyers and sellers so that everybody involved in an exchange walks away better off! Marketing professionals work in all industries but marketing people are especially involved in content marketing, brand design and management, e-marketing, marketing research, data analytics, professional sales, account management, new product development, entrepreneurs, healthcare services, tourism, event management, retailing, and advertising, to name just a few. As Ben Lee of Pierry Inc. put it, the "CEOs of the future will be marketing people" because marketing people must stay in touch!

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