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Your GE clock radio is playing your favorite radio station to wake you up and start your day. You then wash your hair with your Tresseme shampoo and finish it off with your Sassoon conditioner. Next, you pour your MinuteMaid orange juice and toast your Lenders bagel. After connecting to the web with Earthlink, you check the weather on your Weather Channel homepage. While this is just a small part of your day, you have seen how marketing touches our lives. Many of the ways are not even visible to most of us (business-to-business activities), but they too impact the standard of living we enjoy. Marketing concerns information, goods, services, and people. While jobs in advertising or sales are commonly known, other areas of marketing are less well known. Retail management, retail buying, brand manager, product manager, and marketing research manager are just a few of the potential positions for marketing majors.

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