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    The Internship program offers students the opportunity to integrate the theoretical principles studied in the classroom with the practical knowledge gained from on-the-job performance.
    Each calendar year the College of Business Internship Program places interns with companies ranging from small businesses to large international corporations spanning multiple industries.


    • Gain a better understanding of business

    • Enhanced ability to make more informed career decisions

    • Increased marketability

    • Networking opportunities

    • Opportunity to earn compensation

    • Earn academic credit

    • Develop transferable skills

    • Greater appreciation for remaining coursework


    A student registering for internship credit must meet the following criteria:

    • The student must be admitted to the College of Business and be pursuing a major in business

    • The student must have junior level standing (60+ hours)

    • The student must be in good standing with the university (2.0 cumulative GPA)


    To register for an internship course, a student should complete the following process:

    • Complete the Internship Interest Form at least two quarters prior to enrolling in the internship course. To access the Internship Interest Form, Click Here.

    • Secure an internship with the assistance of the Career Planning and Placement Office.

    • Receive permission for enrolling in the internship course by contacting Larry Jarrell, Director of the Internship Program, prior to early advising for the quarter in which you wish to enroll.

    • Complete the Internship Learning Contract. To access the Internship Learning Contract, Click Here.

    • Throughout the internship, follow the guidelines and course requirements established by the College of Business Internship Program.


    Students may seek their own internship or apply for internship opportunities posted on TechLink, the university’s centralized job posting site that links students to potential employers. To learn about available internship opportunities, log on to TechLink.


    Generally, an internship will translate into three semester hours of credit (401 course). A student may be allowed to register for six hours of credit (401 and 402) if, in the judgment of the department head/director or designated instructor, the experience justifies the additional academic credit. However, only three credit hours can apply to the degree program as a Business Elective. The internship may not be used as a specific degree elective (i.e. finance elective, economics elective, etc.)

    To earn three hours of internship credit, the student must serve with the sponsoring firm/organization for a minimum of 150 hours during the quarter. To earn six hours of internship credit, the student must serve with the sponsoring firm/organization for a minimum of 300 hours during the quarter.

    The internship experience should involve a project or specific job responsibilities that have clearly definable educational objectives. These objectives and responsibilities must be documented and presented to the appropriate department head/director or designated instructor prior to registering for the internship.

    A written report of the internship experience must be submitted at the end of the quarter. In addition, the firm/organization supervisor will be required to complete an evaluation form assessing the student's performance. These documents will be used to assign credit for the course (pass/fail).

    Credit will not be given retro-actively for previous internship experiences.

    For additional information on internships, please contact:

    Larry Jarrell
    Director of the Internship Program
    COBB 102C

    Jessica George
    Director of Student Services and Placement
    COBB 102A