Various images of the College of Business faculty, alumni, and students.


"The College of Business has provided quality business education for over one hundred years. As an indicator of that quality, the College has earned AACSB accreditation at all possible levels. Only about 15% of colleges in the country have that distinction. The College has a long history of producing graduates that go on to significant leadership positions in business and industry. We are committed to fulfilling that legacy."

Dr. Christopher L. Martin

Enrollment Numbers by Major
Fall 2014 and 2015


Number Enrolled
(Fall 2014)

Number Enrolled
(Fall 2015)
Accounting 203 203
Business Administration 108 129
Business Economics 43 44
Business Management Entrepreneurship 2 0
Computer Information Systems 108 104
Finance 127 157
Human Resource Management 0 0
Management 198 190
Marketing 167 182
Sustainable Supply Chain Management 24 33
Other (visiting, developmental, or post-baccalaureate) 16 6
Total 994 1048