Various images of the College of Business faculty, alumni, and students.


Our mission -- indeed, our passion -- is the continuing advancement of the quality and relevance of our teaching and research, and of our relations with constituents. We seek to fulfill these aspirations through discovering new knowledge, creating meaningful learning experiences, preparing our students for successful professional careers, developing mutually beneficial partnerships, and Building Distinction by enhancing the reputation of the College.

The College of Business leadership team works diligently to insure the consistent forward movement of the academic progress of the college. Revision of the strategic plan is a result of this diligence; the 2013 revision can be reviewed here (Strategic Plan 2013).


  • Scholarship and learning as lifelong pursuits
  • Integrity and honesty as the bedrock of our activities
  • Meaningful work—instruction, research, and service--as an integral part of our lives
  • Student experiences that challenge and enrich as our professional obligation
  • Collegiality as critical to our productivity
  • Continuous improvement as our management philosophy
  • Collaboration with the business community as essential to our success

We envision the Louisiana Tech University College of Business as balancing learning, discovery, community outreach, and development for an unparalleled education in the business disciplines.

We envision learning:

  • Providing integrated, meaningful educational experiences to engage our students
  • Preparing our graduates for successful business or academic careers
  • Inspiring a lifelong love of learning
We envision research:
  • Attracting and retaining faculty and students who are interested in academic inquiry
  • Creating an environment supportive of research
  • Fostering excellence in student research
  • Ensuring that high-quality research is recognized externally and rewarded internally
We envision outreach:
  • Increasing internal and external partnerships
  • Leveraging CEnIT
  • Broadening opportunities for alumni involvement
  • Creating service-learning opportunities for students
We envision development:
  • Widening our base of alumni support
  • Increasing our endowment
  • Creating a physical environment reflective of a highly successful business school