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Handbook of Policies for the College of Business

College of Business
Louisiana Tech University
P. O. Box 10318
Ruston, LA 71272

Policies for Faculty Management:

Faculty Responsibiliteis and Governance

  1. College of Business Organizational Chart
  2. Policy Process
  3. Code of Ethics
  4. Faculty Educational Responsibilities
  5. Responsibility of College Committees
  6. Curricula Review Policy
  7. Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery Plan
  8. Scholarship Policy and Procedures
  9. Strategic Plan 2014

Faculty Teaching and Research Criteria

  1. Assurance of Learning Handbook
  2. Faculty Workload Policy
    (Adobe .pdf format)(Word .doc format)
  3. Faculty Sufficiency/Qualifications Guidelines and Research Quality/Impact Metrics
  4. Selection and Review of Graduate Faculty Membership
    (Adobe .pdf format)(Word .doc format)

Faculty Appraisal

  1. Performance Appraisal (Evaluation Criteria)
  2. Annual Faculty Review (Evaluation Form)
    (Adobe .pdf format)(Word .doc format)
  3. Journal Quality Classification Process and Journal Lists
  4. Journal List Substitution Process
  5. Third Year Formal Review Procedure
    (Adobe .pdf format)(Word .doc format)
  6. Faculty Promotion and Tenure Guidelines
  7. Journal Articles Documentation Policy
  8. Outside Peer Review Guidelines for Promotion and Tenure

Faculty Research and Development

  1. Professorship Criteria and Selection Process
  2. Dissertation Chair Policy
  3. Summer Research Stipend Policy

Faculty Recruitment

  1. Reimbursement Guidelines for Moving Expenses


  1. 2017-2018 College Committees
  2. 2017-2018 University Committees
  3. Responsibility of College Committees

Student Related Policies:

  1. Instructional Aims
  2. Learning Standards for Business Graduates
  3. Programs and Course Scheduling for Undergraduate Students
  4. Expectations Regarding Student Engagement & Responsibilities
  5. Suspension Policy
  6. Advising Policy
  7. Undergraduate Admissions Policy
  8. DBA Admissions Policy
  9. Undergraduate Transfer Policy
  10. Student Internship Guidelines and Application
  11. Student Writing Standards Policy
  12. Policy for Posting Flyers/Materials in the Building
  13. Doctoral Program Grade Policy

Information Technology Related Policies:

  1. IT Policy and Processes
  2. Portable Computer Check-0ut Policy
  3. Requesting Print or Web Services Policy
  4. Project Request Form
  5. Software Use Policy

Dr. Chris Martin, Dean
Chase Bank Endowed Professor
(318) 257-4526