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Frequently Asked Questions
Who is my advisor? How do I locate him/her?
Once an undergraduate student declares a major in the College of Business, he/she is assigned a faculty member who is the student's advisor. The name of your advisor is posted on the BOSS opening page after you log in and the advisor assignments are posted outside the departmental offices (or on the bulletin board across from the Dean's office if you are listed as a PreBusiness student) by the 6th week in the quarter. Office number and office hours for faculty are available on the College's web pages ( Go to the directory to access a particular faculty member's web page and information.

When is advising for course scheduling held?
Advising for preparing course schedules for business students is held during the 8th and 9th weeks of the quarter. The advising period begins the week prior to registration (or the Monday of the week when the last day to drop occurs) and continues through the first week of registration. Please check the front page of the Louisiana Tech Racing Form for the specific dates. A student makes an appointment to be advised by signing up on the appointment sheet posted on the advisor's office door. The Friday of the 9th week is the last day for student appointments with their faculty advisors for course scheduling.

Who signs a drop/add slip?
To drop or add a course (if you are unable to do so online through BOSS), a student should go to the department/program office (or Dean's office if you are listed as PreBusiness) for the necessary signature. The faculty advisor's signature is NOT required to drop or add a course for business students.

How do I get a copy of my curriculum sheet?
A student may request a copy of his/her curriculum sheet from the administrative assistant in the department where the major is housed. Students are expected to maintain their copies of the curriculum sheets, as multiple copies of the curriculum sheets will not be provided to students. Blank copies of the curriculum sheets may be printed from the College's web pages (see the specific curriculum under the Departments).

How do I know if a course will be offered in a certain quarter?
Business students may access information concerning the recommended order for completion of courses from the College's web page ( Information on when courses in the major will be offered is included. All core business courses are offered every quarter. To access information on course availability for disciplines across campus, go to the Tech web site and click on "Future Course Offerings" on the Registrar's home page.

What courses must I make a C or better in?
A student pursuing a degree in business must make a C or better in all courses in his/her major area. For example, a finance major must earn a C or better in all finance courses (or any course substituted for a finance course requirement). Students do not have to make a C or better in all business courses -- only the ones in their majors. Business Administration majors must make a C or better in the 18 hours that define the degree program (please see the Tech Catalog for specific courses).

May I enroll in more that 12 hours in a quarter?
The maximum load allowed without special permission is 12 hours in a quarter and 6 hours in a six-week summer session. A degree candidate or a student with a 3.0 GPA, both cumulative and in the preceding quarter, may be permitted to carry a maximum of 14 hours during a quarter. This requires approval in writing from the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies.

I'm listed as a PreBusiness student. When do I get admitted to the College?
All beginning freshmen must meet certain minimum grade requirements before being admitted to the College of Business. The requirements also apply to transfer students from other colleges of the University and transfers from other institutions. The minimum requirements for admittance into the College are as follows:
1. One quarter with at least eight hours completed and a minimum GPA of 3.0. In addition, student must have completed English 100/101 and Math 100/101.
2. Two quarters with at least 16 hours completed and a minimum 2.5 GPA. In addition, student must have completed English 100/101 and Math 100/101.
3. Three quarters with at least 24 hours completed and a minimum 2.0 GPA. In addition, student must have completed English 100/101 and Math 100/101.
4. Four or more quarters with a full load and a minimum 2.0 GPA on total hours attempted, and not on academic probation or suspension. In addition, student must have completed English 100/101 and Math 100/101.

Who do I see to get a special permission signature to add an online course?
Enrollment in an online course is restricted to students who have special circumstances that prevent them from taking couses on campus. Therefore, adding an online class requires the signature of the Assistant Dean (103 COBB).