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College of Business Advising Policy

Each undergraduate student is assigned a faculty member who is the student's curricular advisor. This assignment is made early during the student's first term of enrollment in the University, and the advisor designated is based on the curriculum or concentration the student enrolls in at registration.

Advising students is an important responsibility of the faculty. To advise students properly, assigned faculty should:
1) become familiar with program and curriculum requirements within the College and Department;
2) advise students which courses to take during established early advising periods;
3) be available during posted conference hours to advise students on academic and career matters.
However, the student is the one ultimately responsible for taking the courses required in his/her curriculum as they are offered and is responsible for completing any prerequisites that are required.

Early Advising Process

1. Student makes appointment with faculty advisor the week prior to the early advising period (Monday through Friday of the 7th week of the quarter). Faculty must schedule sufficient appointment times/hours to accommodate all assigned advisees.
2. Student is advised during the advising weeks (8th and 9th weeks of the quarter) which are listed in the "Racing Form." Advisors keep the students' folders through that period. The Friday of the 9th week of the quarter is the last day that students will be advised by their faculty advisors.
3. If a student does not see his/her advisor during the early advising period, the student will not be released to register until after the first day freshmen are allowed to register. A student will be granted one exception to this policy in his/her freshman year and one exception in the sophomore year.

Advising Seniors

Seniors who expect to graduate within a year and have received a copy of their Degree Programs are not required to see their faculty advisors each quarter. The advisor meets with the senior during the Advising period and presents the student with a copy of his/her Degree Program (or verifies that the student received the copy in the mail). The advisor reviews with the senior the required courses for graduation (paying particular attention to the prerequisites for BUSN 495, as well as other courses in the major). Seniors may continue to be advised each quarter by their faculty advisors, but they are not required to see their advisors.

Transfer, Returning Inactive, and First-Time Students

All transfer, inactive, and new students' academic records or transcripts will be evaluated by departmental personnel for credit in the chosen curriculum. After the student's initial quarter, he/she will be assigned a faculty advisor.

Dropping Or Adding Courses

To drop or add a course, a student should go to the department/program office or Dean's Office for the necessary signature. The faculty advisor's signature is NOT required to drop or add a course.

Students are advised to confer with Financial Aid prior to dropping a course if the student is receiving financial aid, is a TOPS recipient, or is working on campus.

August, 2004