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Recommended Order of Courses

Freshman Year

  • BUSN 110: Introduction to Business. Should be taken as soon as the student declares a major in business or, preferably, during the first quarter for first-time freshmen. Students should complete BUSN 110 prior to enrolling in sophomore-level business courses, and they will not receive credit for the course once a 300-level business course is taken. This course offered in the fall, winter, and spring quarters.
  • CIS 110: Computer Tools for Business. Should be taken prior to enrolling in ACCT 201. This course offered every quarter.

Sophomore Year

  • BLAW 255: Legal Environment of Business. This course offered every quarter.
  • ECON 201: Economic Principles and Problems (Macroeconomics). This course offered every quarter
  • ECON 202: Economic Principles and Problems (Microeconomics). Although there is no formal prerequisite to ECON 202, students would be better served by completing ECON 201 before enrolling in ECON 202. This course offered every quarter.
  • ACCT 201: Principles of Financial Accounting. Ideally, students will have completed
  • ACCT 202: Principles of Managerial Accounting. Prerequisite is ACCT 201. This course offered every quarter
  • QA 233: Basic Business Statistics. Prerequisite is MATH 125 or completion of MATH series. QA 233 should be taken late in the sophomore year or early in the junior year. This course offered every quarter.

Junior Year
Generally, 300-level business courses should not be taken until a student has completed the sophomore-level courses. Students in PreBusiness may not take a 300-level business course until all 200-level business courses have been completed and, then, are allowed to pursue a maximum of six hours of new business courses in a quarter. Students in PreBusiness are not allowed to enroll in 400-level courses.

  • BSCM 305: Business Communication (or ENGL 303 or ENGL 336). Prerequisite is ENGL 102. Offered every quarter.
  • ECON 312: Monetary Economics. Prerequisite is ECON 201 & 202. Offered every quarter.
  • CIS 310: Principles of Information Systems. Prerequisite is CIS 110 or other computer literacy course. Offered every quarter.
  • MGMT 310: Management of Organizations. Offered every quarter.
  • MGMT 333: Operations Management. Prerequisite is QA 233. Offered every quarter.
  • MKTG 300: Marketing Principles and Policies. Offered every quarter.
  • FINC 318: Business Finance. Prerequisites are MATH 125, ACCT 202, and ECON 201 & 202. Also, it is preferable that a student complete QA 233 prior to enrolling in FINC 318. Offered every quarter.
  • BUSN 420: Career Preparation Seminar. This course offered fall, winter, and spring quarters.

Senior Year

  • BUSN 495: Business Capstone. Prerequisites are all core business courses [CIS 310, ECON 312, FINC 318, MKTG 300, MGMT 310, MGMT 333 (or ACCT 308), and BUSN 420]. This is the business capstone course. It may not be taken until a student's last or next-to-last quarter. In the spring quarter, only graduating seniors are allowed to enroll in the course. This course offered every quarter.