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Academic Advising Information
Internet Registration Process To register, students must have a university computer account, user ID, social security number, and PIN number. If you do not know what your computer account or user ID is, take your student ID card to the Computing Center in the basement of Wyly Tower and ask the receptionist. Your PIN number will be sent via e-mail to your university computer account. (You will have to log on to your university computer account and check your e-mail messages to get your PIN number.) If you did not get your PIN, then take your ID card to the Registrar's Office in Keeny Hall to get your PIN.
  1. Determine who your advisor is. If you do not know who your advisor is, you may go to the web site to find it, or go to the departmental office and ask who your advisor is. Also, usually the advisors and advisees are posted on the door of the departmental office.
    Sign up for an appointment with your advisor during the week before early advising. Each advisor should have an advising appointment sheet on his/her door sometime the week before advising. Do not wait until the last few days of advising to sign up for an appointment.
    View your HOLDS screen on BOSS. Take care of the HOLDS so they will not prevent you from completing registration and fee payment. HOLDS may include traffic tickets, library fines, housing payment, lack of health records, etc. See a staff member in any of these offices listed in the HOLDS message in order to complete the action required to remove the HOLD.
  2. Plan your schedule for the next quarter (before going to see your advisor). Choose the courses you would like to take and choose at least three alternates. The alternates should be completely different classes--not just different sections. Write down your desired classes and alternates on a piece of paper or "trial schedule" in the Racing Form.
    Be sure to look at the curriculum online or in the catalog so you will know what is required in your major and what the prerequisites are. It is your responsibility to know what courses are required for a degree in your major and to abide by CAB policies in taking those courses. The completion order for each CAB major can be viewed by selecting one of the links on the advising links on this page.
  3. Meet with your academic advisor. You and your advisor should review your curriculum sheet and agree to courses to be taken next quarter. Check to make sure you have met all prerequisites for courses you wish to take. Discuss any special signatures required. (See instructions below.) Sign and date the advising form. You keep the original form, and your advisor keeps the copy.
    Make sure your advisor updates your student registration access number. Your advisor is the only person who can activate your registration. Your schedule cannot be loaded and registration completed until this is done. (You can check that your advisor has updated your registration access number by going to the "registration status" screen. This same screen will tell you your classification (senior, junior, etc.) for registration.)
  4. Log on to BOSS. Beginning at your scheduled early registration time, log on to BOSS; and complete your registration and fee payment. You can drop and add classes on your schedule using BOSS through the third class day of the quarter.
    Be sure to pay your fees (fee payment) by the deadline. If you do not complete fee payment by the deadline, you will be dropped from all your classes and no longer have a seat in them. You will have to repeat the whole registration procedure and risk not getting into the classes you want. Please make sure you pay your fees by the last day of classes of the current quarter.
  5. Special signatures/special permission required for a course: If you want to register for a class that requires special permission and/or signature or prerequisite overrides, use the advising form. The advising form must be properly completed with appropriate advisor/department head signature, and processed in the Registration Center in Wyly Tower 318 or Registrar's Office in Keeny Hall 207. This can be done any time after your scheduled registration start date.

Transfer Credit:
Any time you wish to register for a course at Tech and the prerequisite for that course was transferred from another college or university, you cannot register for that course through BOSS. You must register for that course through the Registration Center in Wyly Tower 318 or the Registrar's Office in Kenny Hall 207.

Student Responsibility:
Students are responsible for taking courses in the proper order and with appropriate prerequisites. Credit will not be given for courses taken out of order or without appropriate prerequisites. Example: If you register for Marketing 300 as a freshman and make a "B", you will not be given credit for the course, because you must be a junior to take Marketing 300.