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Master of Business Administration Degree

What are the EMBA students saying about the program?

"After saying "I should" get my MBA for 20 years, finally a program was presented that made me feel "I could" get my MBA. -- John D.

"With my unpredictable work schedule and traveling, the class schedule of Friday evening and Saturday makes it possible for me to regularly attend classes. In addition, the summer breaks make it possible for me to spend time with my family."-- Stephanie P.

"I appreciate that the same individuals that I start the program with I will graduate with at the end; this allows for deep relationships to be built over time. I also like the fact that we are drawing on the experience and maturity of the individuals in the class; we are learning from each other as well as the professors. "-- Marlene W.

"The number one attribute of this program for me is the scheduling. With only having classes every two weeks, I am able to have good flexibility in finding time to study, read, and do any assignments . . ."-- Matt W.

"What I have enjoyed most is the interaction between the professors and students. The experience, knowledge and accessibility of each professor are very impressive." -- Chip S.

"I chose Tech because of the encouragement and enthusiasm I received in talking to professors, deans, and staff. I also liked the fact that there was no prerequisite course work and the every-other-weekend format." -- Colleen L.

"I was drawn to the idea of the program being limited to professionals. I also like that the program was designed with a real world approach. In the program the professors can actually go farther than if they were teaching the same class to people who have never been in the working world." -- Matt W.

"There were many benefits of enrolling into the EMBA program. For example, meeting every other weekend instead of throughout the week, having the majority of the summers off, and far more flexibility."-- Tundra T.

"It was a pleasure for me to not have to worry about registering for classes, buying books, finding classrooms, etc. I have enough things to remember and schedule already, so it is great to be able to just show up and know everything has been handled." -- Tracy D.

"There are lots of programs out there. I wanted to get my MBA from a university that does not raise concerns about the quality of the education. Also, most of the big schools in the marketplace are very expensive. The Tech program in comparison is a bargain." -- Stuart S.

"I know that the Tech MBA is respected, and I know that the University is respected." -- Keith S.

"The main reasons for choosing Louisiana Tech's EMBA are 1) Classes are on alternating weekends, 2) Very budget friendly, and 3) Really great curriculum." -- Jim C.

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