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EMBA Course Descriptions

ACCT 505 - Accounting Analysis for Decision-Making
A study of accounting data and their uses with the goal of aiding management in the use of such data for decision-making.

CIS 510 - Information Resource Management
Attention is given to strategic implementation of technology, secure and effective systems, externally focused systems, along with the historical and social environment of information systems.

ECON 510 - Managerial Economics
Analysis and cases; actual case studies in application of price and distribution theory to problems of the firm.

FIN 515 - Financial Management
The study of a financial manager's role in financial planning, acquisition and management of funds for a business firm.

MGMT 571 - Organizational Behavior
A seminar with emphasis on theories and concepts of the behavioral sciences relevant to the internal operations of the organization.

BUSN 501 - Global Perspectives in Management
The study and analysis of the social, cultural, economic, technological, legal, and political forces impacting businesses in a global environment.

MKTG 530 - Marketing Management
A course to introduce the student to the role of the marketing manager in development and implementation of strategies in the areas of products, pricing, channels, and promotion.

MGMT 595 - Administrative Policy
A synthesis of the material covered in the courses required for the MBA. Specific problems and cases are used to develop executive decision-making.

BUSN 500 - Critical Thinking for Business
The study and application of critical thinking in the business environment.

BUSN 594 - Leadership
The theories, concepts, and practical applications which are necessary for leaders to guide individuals, work units, and organizations to the achievement of goals are examined. The qualities necessary for leaders to be effective are also examined.

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