Departments of the College of Business



Although business positions may involve activities ranging from calculating everyday mathematical problems and inputting computer data to resolving complex management and financial situations, everyone planning a career in business must start learning somewhere. Thousands of successful business owners, executives, and managers started at Louisiana Tech.

The College of Business is an AACSB accredited business institution. This seal of approval verifies the high degree of excellence you can expect to receive in your educational experience. We want this to be a productive and memorable period of your life, the beginning of a long and rewarding career journey. The faculty and staff unite in this mission to serve you, the student.

The first thing you will learn at Louisiana Tech is that successful business professionals have a broad-based education. Your curriculum will provide a solid foundation in English, math, science, psychology or sociology, and other non-business studies. Global and ethical perspectives are important elements of all business curricular patterns.

Undergraduate Degree Programs in the College of Business:

Graduate Degree Programs in the College of Business:

Department Heads

Dr. Christopher L. Martin, Dean
Dr. Doug Amyx, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs & Research
Dr. Rob Blackstock, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Programs
Dr. Anthony Inman, Head, Department of Management
Dr. Andrea Drake, Director, School of Accountancy
Dr. Selwyn Ellis, Head, Department of Computer Information Systems
Dr. Otis Gilley, Head, Department of Economics and Finance
Dr. Barry Babin, Head, Department of Marketing and Analysis