Internships and Jobs for Business Students
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Internship and Job Opportunities for Business Students
  • Welcome to the College of Business Internship and Job Information Center. Here you will be able to keep track of the available internship and job positions from participating companies and firms.

    1. The University supports an experiential education program for undergraduate students featuring strong interaction with business and government as an opportunity to
      integrate the theoretical principles studied in the classroom with the practical knowledge gained from on-the-job performance.
    2. Internship opportunities are available for students in Accountancy, Management and Information Systems, Economics and Finance, and Marketing and Analysis.
    3. Generally, an internships will translate into three semester hours of credit which can apply to the degree program as a College of Business elective.
    4. The internship experience should involve a project or specific job responsibilities that have clearly definable educational objectives for the student with applications for the company/organization as well.
    5. The sponsoring firm/organization will designate a person to be responsible for the internship experience.This person will be asked to complete a short evaluation of the intern at the end of the quarter. This will be considered in the pass/fail grade assigned to the intern.
    6. The sponsoring firm/organization will be a part of a growing number of local, area and national companies and organizations participating in this internship program.
    7. The sponsoring firm/organization can enhance the company/organization through your participation in this exciting program as well as make a difference in the career of a student.
    8. The sponsoring firm/organization can benefit from top-quality students who are anxious to participate with you and your company through this internship program.
  • Internship Guidelines and Application
  • Employer Forms

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