Centers of Study within the College of Business
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Research Division of the College of Business
  • The BAG consists of three overlapping areas of activity:
  • Practice/Application

The BAG provides opportunities for affiliated faculty and students to work collaboratively with partners from business and industry on the application of analytic techniques to real and meaningful problems. The BAG will develop and maintain programs and initiatives that provide a collaborative interface between the business community and the faculty and students who are affiliated with the BAG. Initial initiatives of the BAG may include the establishment of an Analytics Roundtable and a BAG Lecture Series.

  • Development/Research

The BAG encourages affiliated faculty and students to apply modern analytic techniques to new problems, extend existing modern analytics techniques, and develop new analytic techniques. When possible, these efforts will be driven by collaboration with partners from business and industry on a real problem faced by the business/industry partner(s). The ultimate goals of these activities are to i) resolve the business/industry partner’s problem in a satisfactory manner and ii) publish the results (perhaps utilizing a disguised form of the original data) in a high quality peer reviewed academic journal.

  • Dissemination/Curriculum

The BAG will support the increase and improvement of the analytics-oriented components of the College of Business curriculum across disciplines and programs. The BAG aims to better prepare graduates of the College of Business for the rigorous analytic demands that will be made of them after graduation. Faculty affiliated with the BAG will also develop new courses to support the growth the analytic skills of students in the College of Business. BAG affiliated faculty will also support education through seminars, non-credit short courses, and other educational endeavors that may be offered to the business community and general public.