Centers of Study within the College of Business
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  • Business Analytics Group
  • The rapid growth of availability of massive data sets and the need to learn from these data sets is revolutionizing business and industry. Organizations that utilize these data in meaningful ways have a distinct advantage over competitors that do not do so. Many organizations still lack the capability to employ sophisticated analytics tools to analyze the data they collect and use the results to make better decisions, and even organizations that are capable of sophisticated analytics need assistance to keep up with developments in the field of analytics. Through analytics these organizations can mine data and discover causal and predictive relationships among important elements in the organization’s competitive environment, evaluate inferences about the nature of these relationships, and generate actionable managerial insights.

  • The Business Analytics Group (BAG) is an inter-disciplinary research initiative, housed within the Research Division of the College of Business, and administered through the office of the Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Research.  The group comprises faculty with expertise and interest in analytics, that is dedicated to the application, development, and dissemination of modern analytic methods. Members of the BAG use statistics, machine learning, econometrics, optimization, data mining, and experimental methodologies to use massive data sets to make causal inferences or robust predictions. Of particular interest to the BAG are meaningful industry partnerships that will help shape our research agenda through knowledge and data sharing.